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Blue Sky Lithium Starting New Brazil Mine Commissioning 2023

Blue Sky Lithium New Brazil Mine Plant Commissioning 2023, Blue Sky Lithium Brazil Mine Plant Commissioning 2023
New Brazil mine, stepping up clean energy projects. Blue Sky Lithium started commissioning the first module of new production Aguas Belas Plant – 100% owned…

Blue Sky Lithium Starting New Brazil Mine Commissioning 2023.

Announcing Blue Sky Lithium commissioning the first module of the newly open Aquas Belas Plant. The new lithium mining, refining plant Aquas Belas is in the state of Ceará, Brazil.

The South America mining company starting hard rock mining and dry module crushing circuit began operating on time and within budget. Additionally Blue Sky is expecting the full lithium plant to be up and running by March 2023.

New Brazil Mine Commissioning 2023

Commissioning on the new wet module dense media separation circuit is also set to begin February and be completed by April. Furthermore the new lithium hydroxide refinery will come on line.  At which point the company starts 100% commercial production.

In addition Blue Sky Lithium also announcing that commissioning the water pumping system. The new water pumping system pumps from near by sewage treatment plant leading to even more natural preservation of resources.

Further evidence showing Blue Sky Lithiums commitment to the environment by partnering with local topical forestry nonprofits. For example this commitment will help preserve more endangered tropical amazon forest for protection.

Blue Sky Lithium securing this month $5 million from venture capital firms to further fund the companies rapid expansion until October 2023. Additionally this investment will help the company build the initial phase of a $25-million expansion of the next battery-grade lithium mine in Brazil to come online Q3 2023.

During this first production phase, Aguas Belas is expecting to generate up to 2,500 tonnes per year of high purity battery grade lithium hydroxide.

Additionally Blue Sky Lithium explains. The further expansion can be achieved by the addition to the Aquas Belas lithium plant of a single larger dense media separation module pairing with a proportional crushing module.

Further more Blue Sky Lithium CEO, Frederick Astor, believes that Brazil has the potential to become a “green lithium powerhouse”.

Brazil lithium mine plant commissioning 2023

For example Brazil is already a global case study in low carbon mobility, powering cars with ethanol, biofuels and natural gas. In addition Brazil is the new “lithium safe haven”.

Blue Sky Lithium has been producing environmentally sustainable battery-grade lithium since 2018.

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