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Investor Relations (IR) – Blue Sky Lithium High Yield

Welcome to Blue Sky Lithium Investor Relations (IR). Blue Sky Lithium seeks an open and continuous dialogue with the financial market community. Thus our goal is promoting an understanding of our business and the value we create for global clean energy.

Blue Sky Lithium does not actively solicit investment and this article is only for informational purposes. For the time being Blue Sky Lithium is not a public listed company. Additionally we currently do not offer investment opportunities suitable for retail investors.

We welcome discussions with institutional and corporate investors looking to make long term global impact on climate change. We have a key focus on collaboration and strategic partnerships. Additionally we are considering offering Pre-IPO and unlisted shares to the public.

Lithium “White Gold”

For example the current price chart above, you can see why lithium has been tabled “white gold”. Lithium is up over 200% for 2022 with no sign of slowing down. Furthermore to this end we focus on global lithium production to help supply the high international demand for lithium.

First Blue Sky Lithium has mines in the “lithium triangle”. the lithium triangle as it is know consists of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Second we are researching several methods to reduce water use, and speed up lithium production and refining.

If you would like to learn more how Blue Sky Lithium is Powering the Future of Energy drop us an email.

Investor Relations:

Blue Sky Lithium BLS Protected 90 Fund

BLS Protected 90 Fund Q4 2022 Factsheet

Blue Sky Lithium is happy to announce the launch of our new BLS Protected 90 Fund for Q1 2023. A private equity fund focusing only on lithium mining and lithium hydroxide production in South America.

Additionally the new BLS Fund is open to both retail in institutional investors. The capital from the fund is to further is to further diversify expand in the lithium mining and exploration markets of Brazil and Peru. Along with the South America lithium market advancements in lithium hydroxide refineries and giga battery factory.

The BLS Protected 90 Fund (the “Fund”) offers access to promising lithium mining companies in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru via a well-diversified fund “best in class” local market private equity fund. Also the Fund benefits from the many investment opportunities that arise from the growth demand of lithium hydroxide. 

Fund Performance Top 10 Ranking.


Fund Name: BLS Protected 90 Fund

Investment Focus: Growth Capital PE Lithium Mining Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru)

Invest Period: 12-36 Months

Fund Term : 60 Months

Target Fund Size: US$ $15M

GP FUND Commitment: 10% of Target Fund Size Cash & BLSX

Base Fund Currency: USD

Management Fee: Min. 0.25% – Max. 1.5% Depending on Fund Term 

90% Protected Fund: Protected NAV=90% Highest NAV

Hurdle Rate: 25% Fund Returns @ 1% & 10%

Fund AUM : $1.5M

Minimum Initial Investment: $1,000

Capital at risk. All financial investments involve risk. Therefore, the value of your investment and the income from it will vary and your initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed. 

BLSX ICO Coin Early Access, Investor Relations

Blue Sky Lithium believes just like green energy should be accessible to every, so should high quality investments. To this end we are in the process of launching a  crypto coin BSLX.

The purpose of the BSLX coin is to allow our commercial buyers a discount for buying with BSLX. In addition holders of BSLX holders will be eligible for high yield returns of 25% per year.

Welcome to BLSX ICO offering investors to buy lithium coins Initial Coin Offering (ICO). PLUS 10% Bonus BLSX Coins.

You support helps Blue Sky Lithium Power the future of a zero carbon planet. BLSX capital raised goes directly to our new lithium mining operations in Brazil.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Strictly private & confidential. The information for Blue Sky Lithium Mining is for information purposes only. This information is not an offer to sell, issue, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe for any shares in the BLS Protected 90 Fund, or BLSX Utility Coin.

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