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Invest Now In Green Metal Mining Good For Returns & Environment

Invest Now In Green Metal Mining Good For Returns & Environment. Green metal mining investing grows stronger with high demand and good for environment. Green metal lithium, cobalt, copper, nickel, graphite, and magnesium...

Why green metal mining investments are booming?

When it comes to your investment portfolio, green metals are not just positive for the environment. First adding green metals to your investment portfolio offers excellent returns. For example lithium is up almost 200% for 2022. Second you can even qualify for flow through share tax deductions.

Furthermore there is a 2050 global net zero carbon goal. One way countries plan to meet this target is to offer incentives for investing in junior mining green metal companies.

What is Green Metal Mining?

Specifically green metals are the metals lithium, cobalt, copper, nickel, graphite, and magnesium. These green energy metals are the building blocks to produce batteries for zero-emissions vehicles. 

Additionally these metals are called green energy metals because using them to power electric vehicles reduces the use of fossil fuels. So that harmful greenhouse gas emissions will be net zero carbon in the future. 

Only recently green metal mining caught the eye of commercial mining and investors. As the demand grows for electronic vehicles so does the demand for lithium and other green metals. Additionally governments around the world are increasing the incentives for investing in junior green energy metal mining.

green-energy-metal-mining-grows-as-zero-net-carbon-2050. Only recently green metal mining caught the eye of commercial mining and investors. As the demand grows for electronic vehicles so does the demand for lithium and other green metals.

What is a Green Metal Junior Mining Company?

A junior mining company is a small to mid size, early-stage mining company, in the development and exploration phase. These companies focus on searching for deposits of metals, minerals and other natural resources. Also includes green metal mining minerals for production.

Junior mining companies are often new to the market, with low market caps and a small asset bases. But they also offer strong profit potential and high returns on investment. The counties with high level junior green metal mining companies are South America and Africa.

At the same time, major mining companies have years of businesses experience operating producing mines on a global scale. Also these major mining companies have proven methods of exploration and mining with a consistent cash flow year over year.

However the demand for green metals far exceeds supply into 2050. The only way for the planet to reach the carbon net zero goal is for investors to support the growing junior green metal mining companies.

How do flow-through shares benefit junior mining companies and investors?

What are Flow-through shares? Flow-through shares (FTS) are a popular financing tool in the junior mining industry that allow companies to pass on tax deductions to investors.

For example flow-through shares enable investors to claim a tax deduction equal to the amount they’ve invested into junior mining companies. So if you invest $10,000 into Blue Sky Lithium Mining you can qualify for a tax deduction of $10,000 for your investment.

Furthermore this financing mechanism, that is unique to the resource sector, is a ‘sweetener’ for the junior mining industry. This extra sweetener of FTS helps attract investors who may not otherwise in junior mine company.

Additionally flow-through shares (FTS) are a critical tool for junior mining companies as it enables them to raise capital to fund their exploration and development.  

Risks of investing in a junior green metal mining company 

We all know that with any investment there is always a degree of risk.

For example Junior green metal mining companies can offer high rates of returns when investing at the exploration stage. But only a few companies are able to make it through the development or production phase.

Flow-through investments help to mitigate this risk by providing an immediate tax savings for investors.

The junior mining sector must navigate several external factors, including geopolitical issues, permitting issues, lack of resources. 

Thus investing in green metal junior mining companies can result in high returns, but like any investment, it comes with risks so it’s important to do your research first. 

Blue Sky Lithium Green Metal Junior Mining Powering the Future

Blue Sky Lithium Mining as a junior green metal mining company is pushing the boundaries of powering the future.

For example Blue Sky Mining launched a new BLSX token to allow our company to raise capital for major growth in South America.

Furthermore we chose a crypto token over a private IPO offering for speed and open investment to all. We know everyone deserves access to clean energy and we believe everyone deserves the option to invest in green metal mining.

For as little as $50 you can invest in a high quality junior mining company. BLSX allows investors from all countries with no restrictions for retail investors.

Learn more today about BLSX. The good we are doing for next zero carbon goals and the future of clean energy.

Feel free to ask question and learn more about Blue Sky Lithium Junior Mining of green metals.

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