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Invest In Lithium Now, Elon Musk ‘License to Print Money’

Invest In Lithium Lithium Refining Is a 'License to Print Money,' Elon Musk Says Blue Sky Lithium Mining BLSX Tesla's CEO Elon Musk says that software-like margins to be made in lithium. He says lithium refining is 'license to print money,' and Invest in Lithium Now

Elon Musk ‘License to Print Money’ Invest In Lithium Now

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk says that software-like margins to be made and we need to invest in lithium. Additionally Musk says lithium refining is a ‘license to print money,’  and promised those who seize the opportunity, it’s very lucrative.

“I’d like to once again urge entrepreneurs to enter the lithium refining business. The mining is relatively easy, the refining is much harder,” Tesla Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Musk said on Q2 earnings call.

When Musk says there is money to be made we should all listen.

For example constraints on availability of lithium that have sent prices surging aren’t the result of scarcity of raw materials. But because of limit of global capacity to deliver ultra-high purity battery-grade hydroxide and carbonate chemicals into battery supply chains, Musk says. 

Lithium carbonate prices in China are up almost 200% in 2022.

Furthermore China is causing a large trade imbalance with South America lithium industry. First the lithium mines are selling unprocessed lithium to China, cheap, and then China refines and makes batteries. Of course these batteries are in almost very electronic and cars. Furthermore with the Cost from China and high import taxes of South America. These countries loose a great deal of economic trade dollars with lithium transactions.

While Musk calls for American Entrepreneurs to create more refineries in the USA. Blue Sky Lithium knows South America can gain great international economic advantages. Specifically by focusing to create more refinery opportunities in Brazil, Chile, Argentine, and Bolivia.

Scramble For Lithium

With sky high demands, prices for lithium, is incentivizing numerous startups to get into the lithium space. Furthermore these new startups hope to cement themselves in the EV supply chain.

Also pushing car companies to go straight to the source and secure their own supplies through partnerships. For example Ford announcement deals with several companies for lithium and nickel to support its EV production. 

Blue Sky Lithium Mining In Front Of the Pack

Blue Sky Lithium (BLSX) is in excellent position in the evolving lithium market. With mines operating in Chile Argentine and Bolivia. Thus giving BLSX a competitive advantage over the new companies fighting their way into the market.

Additionally Blue Sky Lithium Mining is launching further expansion of mines in Brazil. With the new laws in Brazil making the country a “lithium safe haven”. The opportunities are now endless for grow and expansion in Brazil for BLSX.

Blue Sky is launching a new crypto ICO token to help raise capital to accelerate mine purchases and technology of refining lithium. Further more BLSX Coin is a test for an IPO offering in the future.

Blue Sky Lithium Mining is excited to power the future of green energy.

If you have questions or would like to know more contact us now.

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